Vassardanis International Prosthetics



Next Generation Technological Advancements

Bespoke prosthetic development incorporating mathematical models and digital design
Procedure information and stage description :

  • Unique computational shape design combining traditional impression techniques with modern day knowledge.
  • Digitally developed exact Iris Color Matching.
  • Digitally measured iris angle and position, in order to ensure natural gaze.
  • Exact pupil integration employing multi-light digital photography.
  • True-depth iris technology combined with multi-layered medical grade PMMA acrylic provides an anatomically correct iris-cornea result.
  • Multi dimensional Internal Veining Structure placement .
  • Customized exact sclera tint according to digital image, providing exact replication.
  • Superior sulcus deformity repair, according to the available space in the socket .
  • Final customized reshaping and restoration of the lid opening according to the specific needs and available structure.
  • Certified Quality Management System for all of our services, according to
    TUV NORD ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.
  • A final appointment with the patient’s ophthalmologist is always recommended, for case completion and follow-up integration.
  • Optimal result maintenance through scheduled appointments.

Digital Iris

Staying true to our commitment of constant development, during the last few years we have developed a new method of creating irises (Digital Iris). This achievement provides the advantages.


Perfect color reproduction


Iris color enhancement me advanced details


Producing the best possible color for each individual case, every timel.