Aris Vassardanis MSc Biotechnology

Our Company has been offering its services since 1988 at our facilities in Kifissia, Athens with a leading role on an international level.

In 2005 Vassardanis Dimitris and Sankey Gregory, the company’s founders, were able to start training Dimitri Sankey, Nikolaos Vassardanis and Aris Vassardanis in order to become their replacement.

Aris Vassardanis, along with the completion of the specific multi-year education in Greece and the United States, supplemented his education in Great Britain.

A few years ago, Dimitris Sankey decided to remain in the United States. Aris Vassardanis and Nikolaos Vassardanis succeeded the Company in Greece. After completing the procedures, the Company was renamed Vassardanis International Prosthetics. The benefits and advantages for the patients were immediate, because the Company now operates throughout the year providing ideal service. Aris Vassardanis is developing new technologies with innovative capabilities in all applications of Ocular Prosthetics. At the same time, research and development of new applications using biotechnology techniques is underway. Nikolaos Vassardanis has played an important role in this process, optimizing our digital dataflow and improving our computational processing techniques.

Our Company has been present at most Ophthalmology Conferences since 1988 with the aim of presenting new technologies and new products.

Nikolaos Vassardanis MSc Computational Physics

Nikolaos Vassardanis MSc Computational Physics


We are located close to the center of Kifissia with easy access to the Athens Metro Station (200 meters distance from the Kifissia metro station, i.e. a 4-minute walk), public transport or car.
Our specialized facilities of consist of:

  • Reception areas providing a pleasant environment with Wi-Fi, TV, and books.
  • Spacious lens fitting rooms, able to accommodate the patient’s family or friends.
  • Specially designed children’s room for the pleasant and creative stay of our little friends.
  • Well-equipped laboratory with modern mechanical and electronic equipment, supervised by a safety technician and periodic auditing of our Quality Management System.

Adherence to the rules pertaining the hygiene and safety of our premises and tools, is a daily obligation, according to our Quality Management System processes.