Ocular Implants

When an eye is removed, an intraocular implant is placed, replacing part of the socket area (bone cavity) that the eye occupies. This spherical implant maintains the natural structure of the socket and provides support to the artificial eye. The implant itself, however, is not visible. Afterwards, the artificial eye is used to restore the natural appearance of the eye and the surrounding tissue and is the visible part of the surgical changes of the socket.

Our company is the exclusive representative for Greece, of one of the best Craniomaxillofacial Implant manufacturers in the United States, Poriferous LLC. The surgical implants SU-POR, are made from High Density Polyethylene, a material with a well documented use in craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation, and are used globally by the best Hospitals and specialized Clinics. The porous structure promotes fibrovascular tissue ingrowth and allows for a better integration in the socket, which ultimately leads to the best possible movement of the artificial eye.The firm nature of the material allows carving with a sharp instrument without collapsing the pore structure.

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