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Our Company has been offering its services since 1988 at our facilities in Athens with a leading role on a international level

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Our Services

Restoration of anophtalmic socket after enucleation or evisceration of the eye.

Surface and volume restoration of an eye without vision, with atrophy, phthisis, microphthalmia or iris discoloration by creating an exact copy in the form of a sclera shell.

Su-Por Craniomaxillofacial Implants and custom made surgical accessories for ophthalmologists.

We are certified and affiliated with the EOPYY

About the Company

Our Company has been offering its services since 1988 at our facilities in Kifissia, Athens with a leading role on a international level.

In 2005 Vassardanis Dimitris and Sankey Gregory, the company’s founders,were able to start training Dimitri Sankey and Aris Vassardanis in order to be their replacement.

Aris Vassardanis, along with the completion of the specific multi-year education in Greece and the United States, supplemented his education in Great Britain.


I was wearing an artificial eye for many years, which caused a lot of discharge and ultimately the eye was falling out. I made a new one with you, and it a fast procedure with an excellent result, exactly like my other eye.

V-M. T.

After my evisceration surgery, I was anxious about the way that I will look, and if other people will be able to tell what happened. The kindness and compassion that was shown to me from my first visit, gave me a much needed morale boost, and when I finally wore my eye, it looked so natural and moved really well. I was able to move on and have a normal life.


After the fitting of my new prosthetic eye, I feel a lot better about the way I look, which made a big difference for my artistic career.